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Striving to effectively communicate complex ideas to a broad audience…

The Shiflett Research Group always strives to communicate our research projects, goals, and impacts in a direct way. In an effort to make our research more accessible, we have started a short-video series of our research projects. These videos explain the goals, research principles, and impacts of our projects in only a few minutes!

About our lab and research…

I Am Striving


The National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corp program provided the funding for obtaining Voice-of-the-Customer data for launching a new start-up company in 2022 called Iconium for reclaiming, separating, and recycling refrigerants.

Project EARTH is a research project focused on the selective separation of hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant mixtures. This video provides a brief summary of Project EARTH, the three different research strategies being employed to tackle this problem, and the substantial environmental impacts of this project.


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Greenhouse Gases Animation:  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Global CO2 Emissions: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

KU Graphic: Our Chant Rises – The University of Kansas

Project SAVE

The presentation below describes Project SAVE: a project centered on silica adsorbed vaccine encapsulation. Watch this informative presentation to learn more.